For the Boat Yard

It really adds something new to the industry - protecting your running gear and propellers, and increasing fuel efficiency - so to us, it’s a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you use it?

Chris Ward
Paint Department Manager, Bay Ship & Yacht Co. San Francisco, USA
Why Boat Yards choose Propspeed

For Tourism and Transport

Before using Propspeed, we had as much as 4 inches of growth on the propeller shaft. With Propspeed applied, our running gear is now free of growth.

Captain Rick
Captain, Yankee Freedom III
Why passenger vessels trust Propspeed foul release coating

For Maritime Preservation

“We’re very comfortable about the protection we now have underwater…. Now that the propellers have been professionally coated with Propspeed, we are confident they will remain clean and efficient until our next docking in two years.”

Keith Ingram
Marine Superintendent, William C Daldy Preservation Society
Keeping a legacy alive

For the Boat Captain

I only ever use Propspeed on my boat’s running gear, due to its superior performance and durability over any other product. End of story!”

Barnaby Newton
Skipper, 82ft Viking, Ata Rangi
Why Boat Captains use Propspeed

For Sport Fishers

I’m a Propspeed convert. Will it be going on all my boat's running gear surfaces for this and all future summers? You bet it will!”

Jasen Gast
Owner of the Sport Fisher "Rehab"
Why Sport Fishers use Propspeed

Military and Police

"TeMataili is using on average 25l/ Hr less fuel than before the refit, equating to approximately a 15% reduction in fuel costs"

Frank Iobbi
Tuvalu Police Maritime Wing
Why patrol vessels rely on Propspeed

For Sailing Yachts

After a 259-day round-the-world journey, the prop and shaft were still spotless, thanks to Propspeed

Jeanne Socrates
British yachtswoman and oldest female to solo-circumnavigate the world
Setting Guinness World Records

For the Long-Distance Sailor

“There are imitators, but only Oceanmax makes Propspeed and has a long positive track record.”

Patrick Childress
Global circumnavigator, sailing writer and photographer
An important part of preparations

For recreational powerboat owners

"As a pilot flying high-performance jets, I understand the need to reduce parasitic drag"

Rich Taylor
Owner, 39-foot Tiara powerboat and aircraft pilot
Why recreational powerboats owners choose Propspeed

For Marine Conservation

Propspeed is a very efficient and easy way of keeping the tags free of fouling

Mark Erdman
Conservation International
Foul Release coatings for Satellite tags
Customer Wins