More Light, Less Fuss.

Lightspeed is the first transparent foul-release coating specifically developed for underwater lights.

Keep your lights shining bright with Lightspeed

Protect your underwater lights from marine fouling, including barnacles, oysters, mussels, seaweed and algae.


Underwater lights generate light and heat, creating environmental conditions that favor marine growth.


Conventional antifouling paint designed to prevent marine growth on hulls and running gear is unsuitable for underwater lights as it is not transparent. Fortunately, Oceanmax has the solution.


New Marine Coating Lightspeed Receives DAME Awards Nod

Oceanmax’s second product makes its first appearance on a major international platform, nominated for the METSTRADE Show’s highest honor.

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FLIBS 2018 Kicks off with Lightspeed Launch

Oceanmax’s clear coat for underwater lights will make its U.S. debut at Light Up Your Halloween, a cocktail party on the first evening of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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The World of Underwater Lighting

We sat down and talked trends with Zack Savage, host of Between Two Yetis and a second-generation lighting expert who’s been working in the industry since he was a lad.

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How will Lightspeed affect my lights’ clarity?

Lightspeed actually makes your lights shine brighter! Lightspeed improves luminosity by increasing the organization of emitted light and decreasing light scatter

How long will Lightspeed last?

We expect a minimum of one year under most conditions

Is Lightspeed environmentally friendly?

Yes. Lightspeed contains no copper, tin or any other toxic substances harmful to marine life.

Lightspeed Technical Documents