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More Speed, Less Fuel.

Propspeed is the original propeller and running gear foul release coating system, specially formulated to prevent marine growth from bonding to metal surfaces below the water line


More Light, Less Fuss - COMING SOON

Our latest release - an innovative foul release coating system specifically formulated for underwater lights


For the Boat Captain

I only ever use Propspeed on my boat’s running gear, due to its superior performance and durability over any other product. End of story!”

Barnaby Newton
Skipper, 82ft Viking, Ata Rangi
Why Boat Captains use Propspeed

For the Boat Yard

It really adds something new to the industry - protecting your running gear and propellers, and increasing fuel efficiency - so to us, it’s a no brainer. Why wouldn’t you use it?

Chris Ward
Paint Department Manager, Bay Ship & Yacht Co. San Francisco, USA
Why Boat Yards choose Propspeed

For the Boat Owner

I’m a Propspeed convert. Will it be going on all my boat's running gear surfaces for this and all future summers? You bet it will!”

Jasen Gast
Owner of the Sport Fisher "Rehab"
Why Boat Owners use Propspeed
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